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Everything You Need to Know About HDMI Video Senders

Would you like to enjoy content from your set-top satellite box anywhere in your home without the annoyance of cables? Then, an HDMI AV sender may be just what you’re seeking because they’re simple to set up and compatible with practically all home theatre equipment. If you’re interested in a sender, you’ll find it and all necessary HDMI video sender accessories right here at eBay in new and pre-owned condition.

What is an HDMI video sender?

An HDMI video sender is home theatre equipment that transmits an HD A/V signal wirelessly from a source to a display. Although it’s often called a "sender," these units are actually paired wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver systems. While a video sender is a wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver in general, the term usually implies support for the satellite boxes common to the UK. The SCART connection that plugs into the set-top box usually has a pass-through to support another SCART cable.

Does a sender allow for wired connections as well?

Yes. The HDMI video transmitter will connect your set-top box, such as a Sky HD receiver via a SCART or other cable. That cable from the sender will often have a pass-through port of the same type. Therefore, if you had your living room TV set plugged into the satellite receiver, the HDMI sender would plug in there instead, but the TV would still plug in via the pass-through port. In some cases such as for HDMI, there may be a secondary port that you plug into instead, but the basic concept is the same.

What does a typical setup require?

Note that such setups are highly configurable and can be personalised to your particular equipment and environment. Typically, the HDMI video sender will connect to the source, such as a set-top satellite box. It may have a pass-through or provide additional ports to preserve wired connections. The HDMI video receiver will connect to the display where you want to watch the content remotely. Both the transmitter and receiver may require a dedicated power source, such as plugging into a wall outlet. A basic setup generally may require the following:

  • HD source such as a set-top box
  • AV input such as a television set
  • Wireless transmitter
  • Wireless receiver
Does a sender send audio as well?

Yes. HDMI is an interface designed to carry both video and audio. Automatic syncing is also supported so that films, television programmes, and so forth remain in sync. Wireless transmission of digital audio in this manner does require any form of compression.