A Guide to Finding Heavy-Duty Zips

Whether you are looking to purchase a coat zipper or heavy-duty zip fasteners, you can find exactly what you want for a great price on eBay. Secure the items you wear or store with zippers of all varieties. Keep your belongings secure and in place with the proper zips for the job.

What can heavy-duty zips be used for?

Heavy-duty zip fasteners can be used for workshop projects of all types. They are made from high-grade, durable plastic and fit securely around items. You can also use them to help keep spaces organised. Some of the common uses for heavy-duty zip fasteners include:

  • Securing material rolls
  • Connecting wires and cords
  • Securing bundles
  • Securing signs and fixtures
What types of zips are used for jackets?

Usually jacket zips are either made from heavy-duty plastic or metal. Both varieties are durable and can last for years. The selection may be determined upon style and colour varieties. Metal zippers work well to prevent zipper teeth from pulling apart and may have more of an aesthetic appeal in some cases.

What instances require a long heavy-duty zip?

Examples of where a long zipper might be used is for either a long duffle bag or for a dress. These two items require very different types of zippers. For example, a duffle bag would require a strong zip to help prevent it from coming open when it is full and there is stress on the zipper. A dress, however, would require a thinner, more delicate zipper that wouldn’t be obtrusive to the design of the clothing. The style and size of the zipper is important when used in delicate clothing applications. Some other instances where you would need a long zip include:

  • Sleeping bags
  • Clothing bags
  • Long dresses
  • Tall boots
Are there special zippers for tents?

There are two common types of tent zippers on the market. The coil zipper or spiral is a variety of heavy-duty zips. It is known for flexibility and durability. There is also the tooth zip or chunky zip. Its teeth are moulded to the tape and are corrosion proof to help them last for years. The type of zipper you use will determine how secure your tent is while camping. Large tents or high-traffic tents may benefit from the spiral zip. Smaller tents, or children’s tents, would be suited to using the chunky zip. Both the spiral zip and the chunky zip are available on eBay.