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The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Henry Hoover Parts

The Henry canister vac has long been a fixture in homes especially in England. The cheerful face on the vacuum has really helped customers connect with the brand. In addition to looking great, these are effective vacuum cleaners that make it easy to keep your home clean.

Which replacement parts are available for the Henry Hoover?

You'll need to match the model number on your machine to the number on your parts to make sure they are compatible. The Henry comes in several varieties, including the Henry Micro, Cordless, Xtra, Compact, and Wash. The company that makes Henry also makes vacuums named Hetty, Charles, and James. In some cases, these models will share parts with the standard Henry. For example, most models fit a 32mm hose. The most common Henry model is the "HVR200" that uses a 240V motor.

Are all the parts sold separately?

You can find inexpensive Henry Hoover parts sold singly or in kit form on eBay. Typically, head and brush attachments are sold in kits although some are available separately. Hoses may sometimes be included in kits but can easily be found as separate parts, too. Adapters used to attach the hose to the attachments are often also found in kits.

What about specialty attachments?

There are some specialty attachments that are designed to fit the Henry. Not all of these are made by the same company that produces the Henry. These include special attachments to deal with pet hair and dander.

What are some commonly purchased Henry Hoover parts?

The Henry has a round canister and a variety of attachments, including the following:

  • Hose - A flexible hose is used to connect the vacuum to various cleaning attachments. Made of sturdy plastic, these hoses bend and flex to make it easy to clean in corners and other hard-to-reach spots.
  • Filter - The filter on this vacuum needs to be replaced regularly to keep performance at a high level. The filters are made of cloth and plastic.
  • Head Tools - These include an angled plastic attachment and a head with a brush. These connect to the flexible hose and can be swapped out as needed.
  • Motor - The motor for this vacuum sits above the canister. The motors are sold as replacement parts and can be easily changed out.
  • Extension Rod - Chrome extension rods are also available for many Henry vacuums. They are often used to attach to hard floor brush attachments.
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