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Get Surrounded by Sound With Hi-Fi Speakers

Choosing the right hi-fi speakers from the huge range available on eBay can seem like a difficult task, but it's worth taking the time to make an informed choice.

What factors should you consider when buying hi-fi speakers?

Here are some of the more important points to check when buying your hi-fi speakers:

  • Impedance: The impedance, measured in ohms, should match your amplifier output. The amplifier should give you a clear indication of this on a label or in the specifications.
  • Check the power rating: Speaker manufacturers should give a suggested power rating for the amplifier.
  • Specifications: Any specifications are for use as a guideline – your ears will tell you if you have chosen the right speakers.
  • Design: The three main hi-fi speaker technologies are reflex, acoustic suspension, and transmission line. Reflex have holes in the front, where acoustic suspension don't, and are completely sealed. Transmission line have ducts inside the cabinet. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.
  • Decide what size and what style hi-fi speakers you need. The main types are bookshelf, floor standing, and those that are fitted to a stand.
  • The next thing to consider is the finish. Hi-fi speakers are available in a variety of finishes, and you’ll want to choose the style that suits you and your home. Some have wooden cabinets, some have a glossy black styling, and others might have a metallic finish.
  • Price can be a factor: high-end speakers will work to maximum output with sophisticated, powerful amplifiers.
  • If possible, test the speakers with your other equipment, in the room where you want to use them.
  • Research your purchase as much as you can, read reviews, and compare products. However, sound is a personal thing and your ears are the ultimate judge of what is right for you.
Where should you position speakers in a room?

The sound you get from your speakers will be affected by where you put them in a room. As a general guideline, don't put speakers too close to a corner, or too near a wall.

Do you need a separate subwoofer speaker for home hi-fi?

Subwoofers add bass to your home sound system and are often included in hi-fi speaker systems. If you want to add an extra bass dimension to your sound, consider a separate subwoofer.

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