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Hitachi Camera Charger

Hitachi are well established within several technology industries, producing equipment across multiple different sectors. They also produce a range of products for the digital camera industry. These products include cables, adapters and Hitachi camera chargers.

Benefits and features of Hitachi camera chargers

Many Hitachi camera chargers feature a flat base design. This is a charging protection feature which means that once your camera battery has been fully charged, it will turn to a trickle charge to mitigate against overcharging which can wear out the efficiency of your camera battery in the long term. A flat base design also provides output shortage protection.

Hitachi camera chargers manufactured for the UK are fully compliant with UK safety regulations and are designed to work in standard AC/DC wall power sockets. Additionally, Hitachi have produced a range of camera car chargers as well, so you can charge your Hitachi digital camera even when you're on the go.

Camera chargers by Hitachi are built to charge quickly and efficiently with power charging capabilities up to 600mAH with some chargers offering charging times up to just two hours from a flat battery to a full charge. In addition, these chargers typically feature an LED indicator to inform you of the charging status of your battery.

Hitachi camera battery chargers are typically built with a number of protection features. These include built in relay protection to prevent the battery from being overcharged, short circuit protection and mitigation against electric shock.

Some Hitachi camera chargers feature dual charging capabilities. This means that the same charging unit can be plugged into either a wall socket or car charger simply by swapping out the relevant charging cable from the device. Furthermore, some Hitachi chargers also feature non-slip material that allows you to place the charger on multiple surfaces and minimise the risk of the charging unit slipping off and hitting the ground.

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