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Hitachi DVD Camcorder

Writing directly onto 8cm mini DVD discs, an Hitachi DVD camcorder offers many advantages to the camcorder user, especially when compared to tape alternatives. Hitachi produced a range of DVD camcorders that still provide a viable, practical alternative for speedy, fuss-free recording.

The Hitachi camcorder range

All Hitachi DVD camcorders were designated DZ with models falling into the BX, GX, HS and MV ranges. BX and GX DVD camcorders are known as multi-format camcorders with DVD recording alongside SD memory card storage. HS DVD camcorders have hard drives as well as DVD recording functionality and are referred to as hybrid camcorders. Hitachi MV DVD recorders are ultra-compact DVD recorders with SD storage.

Hitachi multi-format DVD camcorders

Depending on model, Hitachi DVD camcorders accept DVD-RAM, -R, -RW and +RW discs. DVD-RAM is a re-writable media that can record video and stills. DVD -R media can only be used to record once whilst -RW and +RW discs can be re-recorded. When using -R, -RW and +RW media, SD cards are used to record still images.

Hitachi hybrid DVD camcorders

With hard drives of between 8GB and 30GB, Hitachi hybrid DVD camcorders combine high storage capacity with the convenience of DVDs, enabling recordings to be copied, or dubbed, directly from the hard drive to the DVD media without the need of PCs or other video editing hardware.

Straight to DVD recording advantages

Recording directly to DVD brings many advantages to camcorder users who want straight-forward point and shoot functionality. Fully featured, small and rugged, Hitachi DVD camcorders have a superior recording quality when compared to tape. Additionally, individual scenes can be directly accessed without winding forward or rewinding as would be the case with tape recordings.

Hitachi instant DVD sharing and archive

By recording directly to DVD, recordings can be played back immediately via computer and TV or shared without any editing required. With DVDs having an estimated 30-50 year lifespan, recording directly to DVD creates an immediate, long-term archive without any further processes or processing required.

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