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Home Audio Headphone Amplifiers

For the audiophiles and hi-fi enthusiasts among us, listening to and perfecting the ultimate acoustic experience is a never-ending endeavor. Home audio headphone amplifiers are available to consumers in order to enhance the performance of audio equipment and allow users to listen to a wider range of audio players with headphones. Available in a range of designs, each with their own particular specifications, you can find a headphone amplifier to suit any need on any budget.

Headphone amplifiers make it possible to achieve higher possible volumes without distorting or compromising the quality of the audio. These devices also offer a superior current capacity compared to the smaller, less expensive amplifiers that are most commonly found in more standard audio players.

Amplifier designers have placed a significant focus on both the audio output and the aesthetics of each device. By paying attention to the way these devices look, designers have been able to create slimline, compact technology that is easy to store, pleasant to look at and easy to navigate. Refined and simplified, headphone amplifiers are easy to pick up and use.

Audioengine Headphone Amplifiers

One manufacturer, Audioengine, have created a rounded anodized aluminum case for the D1 that reflects traditional Audioengine design. Audioengine are committed to producing a great sound at an affordable price, a commitment which is demonstrated by the audio fidelity of this amplifier. Whether you're an audio enthusiast or a first time user, you'll be impressed with the sound quality and clarity on offer with the Audioengine D1.

Many manufacturers and models have designed USB and optical inputs, coupled with outputs for almost any audio system or headphones. This makes iteasier to connect your amplifier to your TV, Apple TV , DVD or Blu Ray player , some modern record players and almost any computer. Any model that uses a USB connection can be considered highly reliable and provides an excellent platform from which to utilise the excellent audio output that is available to you.

Setup is often easy, with most models requiring no additional software to programme or install the amplifier. Most headphone amplifiers are truly ready to go, simply plug in and play. Although most amplifiers must be connected to mains power supply, there are a few rechargeable wireless models available. Designed with fewer technical features and a much smaller body, wireless models are typically chosen ahead of the more elaborate alternatives due to their practicality and flexibility, rather than the quality of the audio output.

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