Home Phone Caller ID Boxes

Home Phone Caller ID Boxes

Installing a phone caller ID unit will enable you to see the telephone number of the person or company calling you. Many home phone caller ID boxes are programmable and allow you to block unwanted calls. Many manufacturers produce caller ID boxes of varying types and specifications. They are designed to put you in control of the telephone calls you answer.

Caller ID boxes are a popular option to use in conjunction with phones that lack the facility to identify and block callers. Additionally, there are many landline telephones available that have caller identification and call blocking technology built in.

Caller ID Cordless Home Phones are manufactured by several leading electronics brands including Binatone, Panasonic and Siemens, such as the Panasonic caller ID 3 cordless home phones.

British Telecom also offers a range of caller ID boxes and caller ID enabled phones.

Call blocking technology enables you to intercept all calls from numbers that do not appear in your saved contacts. It also allows people that are recognised by the system as friendly callers to get straight through to you.

With certain systems, callers that are not on your contact list or callers that you have already blocked are asked to say their name before they get through. You can then decide whether to reject or accept the call.

Phone with PIN protected outgoing call

British Telecom home phone caller ID boxes and cordless phones range, such as the BT 8500 DECT Home Phone, allow you to prevent calls to mobile phones, international numbers and premium rate numbers, or indeed all calls to outgoing numbers, by using PIN protection. This can be especially helpful to elderly people.

Increased accessibility phones

Binatone caller ID phones , such as the Binatone Acura 3000 corded telephone have large buttons and an extra clear display to make them more accessible. These caller ID phones can store 120 names and numbers and include an integrated answering machine.