Home Radiator Covers

Radiators are an essential piece of equipment for keeping our homes warm and in the winter we come to rely on them. For the most part, radiators are designed for function rather than style and are unlikely to be the most attractive items you have hanging on your walls.

Rather than let your radiators detract from a beautifully decorated room, choose from the hundreds of radiator covers that are specially designed to blend in with your décor.

Home radiator covers are practical solutions to an aesthetic problem that can also yield additional benefits. They can protect children from radiators that are too hot to touch and can provide additional storage or display space depending on the style you choose.

Whether you have small or large radiators or are looking for something wooden or metallic, there's a wide variety of radiator covers available.

Floor Standing Radiator Covers

Floor standing radiator covers are one of the most popular styles as they can be disguised as stylish cabinets and storage cupboards. Choose from wood panelling or lattice work in natural brown shades or white, black and grey. You can use the floor standing radiator covers as shelves and a place to decorate your room even further.

Clip-On Radiator Covers

You can find a wide choice of radiator covers that are simple to install and slot on top of your radiator. Clip on radiator covers can be hooked onto standard convector radiators and come in a range of designs from sleek glass to intricately carved wood.

Radiator Shelves

While not fully concealing your radiator, radiator shelves are a popular choice as they frame a radiator and provide an additional surface to place books, pictures or decorative objects. This type of radiator cover option can also have some heating benefits as it prevents warm air from rising to the ceiling, instead projecting it forwards and into the room.