Home Radiators

Home Radiators

Whether you are carrying out home improvements or replacing a faulty radiator, find the style you need from the huge choice of home radiators here on eBay. Radiators have a range of uses in any home, from warming up rooms to helping to dry laundry or simply fitting with a stylish aesthetic.

Home radiators can be both functional and style focused, so its best to decide what you need from your radiator choice before exploring the best type for you.

When it comes to home radiators, there is not a large amount of variation available but there are a few key design aspects that can differ. The right home radiator for you will depend on the space you are looking to put it in, its purpose in that area and your preference when it comes to styling.

Cast Iron Radiators

One of the boldest home radiator styles is the cast iron radiator. Consisting of individual tubular cast iron sections, it gives all round heat directly from your boiler. As well as performing well when it comes to giving out heat, it is also a classically stylish option that fits well with many interior design looks.

Vertical and Horizontal Bar Radiators

Bar radiators work great in areas where space is limited or where drying is necessary. They are a popular choice for bathrooms thanks to their accommodating shape, allowing for easy towel drying and efficient room heating.

Panel Convector Radiators

Panel and convector radiators are a popular choice in a range of settings. From family rooms to bedrooms, they are versatile, adaptable and a great all round option. Panel radiators are heated directly from your boiler, are mounted to the wall and expel thermal heat to the area they are in. With a range of sizes available, finding panel radiators for the home can be simple and stress free so long as you have your measurements to hand.

Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are the perfect alternative to fixed wall radiators. They work by converting electrical energy into heat and can be plugged in at any power source in the home, giving them more flexibility when it comes to positioning and allowing you to call on them as and when you need, without having to turn on the boiler.

Top Products in Home Radiators

  • White Vertical Oval Column DESIGNER Double Radiator 1780 X 354mm Central Heating
  • Anthracite DESIGNER Double Radiator Horizontal Vertical Oval Columns 635 X1647mm
  • MILANO Aruba 1780mm X 590mm Anthracite Vertical DESIGNER Radiator Double Panel
  • Dimplex CADIZ Eco 3kw Oil Radiator CDE3ECC Remote Control Operation 3000w
  • DeLonghi Dragon4 Oil Filled Radiator 2000 Watt with Timer TRDS40820E
  • DeLonghi Dragon 4 Trd40820t Electric Oil Filled Radiator Delivery
  • Warmlite WL43002Y 5 Fin Mini Oil Filled Radiator 650 W Grey
  • Rointe Kri0990rad3 Digital Radiator 990w in White 9 Elements
  • DeLonghi TRNS0505M Thermostat Electric Oil Filled Radiator
  • Drayton Trv4 Thermostatic Valve Head Only Chrome and White
  • VonHaus 2500108 Oil Filled Radiator Black