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Home Security CCTV Cameras

If you're looking for peace of mind when it comes to home security, a CCTV camera could be just what you're after. Giving you round-the-clock surveillance that's under your control, a home security CCTV camera can be fully integrated into your current home life with minimal disruption.

Home security cameras are available with a range of different features. Whether you are looking for the latest high-definition recording equipment, or simply a basic model to deter any unwanted guests, you'll find the system to suit your needs right here on eBay.

Most home CCTV cameras are easy to fit, simple to manage and are effective at helping to secure your property and its grounds. They can be hooked up to an indoor monitoring system via wires or using a wireless internet connection.

Types of home security CCTV camera

If keeping watch at night time is an important factor in your decision to have a security camera installed, opt for a night-vision CCTV camera that is able to give you the best possible results in poor light. These styles use night-vision technology to detect movement and are able to give a clearer nighttime image than standard CCTV cameras.

Full-colour CCTV cameras are also a popular option, alongside classic monochrome models. With a full-colour system, you have the added advantage of extra detail when it comes to the recorded footage. If high-quality footage is a requirement, be sure to check out the camera specifications and opt for one with a higher resolution.

Home security CCTV cameras can be as professional or as basic as you like and can also vary in their discretion. With some boasting the ability to tilt, pan and zoom, while others are simply dummies acting as a deterrent. The right camera for you depends on the level of disruption you want for your property and the feature that you deem most important whilst using it.

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