Home Sideboards

Home sideboards can be used to store or display everything from plates and dishes to cutlery and glassware. While vintage sideboards tend to be crafted from wood such as oak, teak, pine, walnut and maple, contemporary designs can be made from chrome or chipboard. Home sideboards can be used throughout the home but are traditionally kept in the kitchen, dining room or hallway.

Wooden sideboards

Sideboards made from solid wood, such as pine, are both hardwearing and durable. They are designed to stand the test of time and are much sturdier and heavier than sideboards crafted from engineered wood such as MDF. Bulky sideboards made from hardwood have a traditional appearance and would look great in an old country manor or farmhouse. They usually feature a mixture of drawers and cupboards, which are adorned with metal knobs or handles.

In contrast, painted wooden sideboards have a more contemporary feel, especially if they are finished with chrome handles or screw-on plastic knobs. Modern sideboards can be decorated in many different colours or have features such as quirky wicker baskets. They come in a variety of widths, heights and styles with unpainted sideboards displaying a unique wood grain pattern.

Chrome sideboards

Chrome sideboards are often contemporary in style with a high-gloss black or white finish. Drawers and cupboards in various arrangements provide ample storage, whereas details such as rectangular chrome handles add to the modern finish of certain products. Often, a sideboard made from natural wood is complemented by beautiful chrome details, giving the unit a modern feel.

Some of the chrome sideboards available have a glass finish, which can be kept clean with a spray of polish. If you don’t want to use a sideboard for storing tableware, you can use it as a display unit for other household items, particularly if you opt for a tiered or glass-fronted design.