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Home Surveillance Cameras

Many households up and down the country use home surveillance cameras, which are also known as closed circuit television or CCTV cameras , as a security measure. Providing peace of mind as well as acting as a deterrent to criminals, wireless technology has actually helped to reduce the cost of home surveillance cameras, making them more widely affordable nowadays than they have been in the past.

They can deter criminals

In many instances, the presence of a home surveillance camera and the prospect of being caught in the act is enough to deter criminals before a crime is even committed. This alone can be enough to provide peace of mind, especially in areas where things like car theft or burglary are particularly prevalent.

They can help the community

Footage from private home surveillance cameras can be used by the police to help with their investigations. While there are obvious advantages for those who are the victims of a crime themselves, there are also benefits for fellow members of the community, as CCTV cameras are often used to identify criminals on behalf of neighbours.

They can bring insurance premiums down

Although they involve an initial outlay, home surveillance cameras can bring home insurance premiums down, saving money in the long run. For this reason, they're a popular choice in areas where, for various reasons, insurance premiums tend to be high.

They provide peace of mind

Home surveillance cameras can provide peace of mind. Not just because they can deter criminals and keep homes safe. Parents and pet owners also use them to provide peace of mind that loved ones are safe at home. CCTV cameras and wireless CCTV cameras can be viewed directly via a smartphone app, so they can tell a parent stuck at work that their teen is home safely. Or a pet owner out at work all day that their dog walker has called round.

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