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Discover the Types of Honda Civic Car Full Body Styling Kits

If you’re a driver who likes to stand out from the crowd, a factory-style vehicle might not suit your needs. That’s where a Honda Civic body kit from eBay can help. These kits contain a variety of aftermarket trim pieces that you can use to replace the originals and give your car a makeover.

What are some of the components in Honda Civic body kits?

Each full-body kit is different; some include parts to customise a single section of the car, such as bumpers. Others include all of the parts you need for a complete conversion. Some of the parts that are available include:

  • Bumpers and diffusers: The bumper fits over the front end of the Civic frame, protecting it from impact. The diffuser fits over the back edge.
  • Grille cover: These covers fit over the grille on the front of your Civic.
  • Trim pieces: These are the pieces of metal or fibreglass that sit between the edges of the panels and components of the Honda Civic.
  • Light covers and frames: Made from plastic or fibreglass, these units frame the headlights and taillights on your Honda Civic.
  • Canards and splitters: Canards, which are also called bumper winglets, add drag and help keep the front of your Civic down when you’re driving at high speeds. Splitters are pieces that split the air that hits the front of your car, reducing lift and increasing traction.
Things to consider when buying a Honda Civic full body styling kit

As you’re looking at different styling kits on eBay, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Body type: The body type of your Honda Civic is a big consideration. A Honda Civic MK8 body kit will fit differently than a Honda Civic type R body kit. It’s also important to look for sub-specifications. The FN2 body kit is one of the options for a Type R body kit, but it won’t fit all type R Civics.
  • Number of doors: Ensure that your body kit fits the number of doors on your Civic.
  • Finish: You can buy full-body styling kits for the Honda Civic in both finished and unfinished models. If a kit is unfinished, you will need to bring it to a body shop for painting. This gives you the freedom to choose the colour and coating for each piece.
  • Brand: Look at the manufacturer for your styling kit; each company can add a dramatically different aesthetic to your Civic.
When is it a good idea to buy a used Honda Civic body kit?

A body kit has a big impact on the performance and safety of your Honda Civic. Before you buy a used body kit, it’s a good idea to look into the stability and history of each part. If any component is damaged, it can trigger a ripple effect. As long as the body styling kit is durable and intact and as long as it fits your Civic model, it can be a great deal.

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