Honda Vintage Diecast Motorcycles and ATVs

Honda is one of the biggest suppliers of top quality Motorcycles in the world. They also produce a host of different All Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs as they are more commonly known. In fact, they made the first ever ATV back in 1970.

For fans or owners of Hondas, along with any diecast vehicle collectors, Honda vintage diecast motorcycles and ATVs provide an attractive, lasting impression of some of Honda's greatest designs.

Items by Matchbox, Polistil and others

Highly collectable diecast Honda models are available, which have been produced by some highly sought after brands. Matchbox, Polistil, Britains and many other manufacturers' models can all be found, with some diecasts dating back to early periods in Honda's motorcycle and ATV production history. There are many beautiful examples of these vintage items with their original boxes preserved, having been carefully looked after, often for several decades.

Fantastic Police motorcycles

As well as the civilian variety of Honda diecast motorcycle models which are available, there are Honda Police motorcycles to look out for too. These items often come with the rider still sitting on the back and they make for great individual display pieces, as well as being a good way to introduce an exciting twist to any model vehicle collection.

Pre-assembled and self-assembly kit varieties

There is a choice to be made between pre-assembled models and self-assembly kits. Both varieties can be found. Self-assembly kits provide the added satisfaction and fun of constructing your own model and pre-assembled models have the advantage of coming ready to display and finished to the exacting standards of the manufacturer.

Scales to suit every collection, or every shelf!

Honda diecast vehicles come in a variety of popular scale sizes, so the size most suited to a particular collection, shelf or display cabinet can be selected, according to personal preference. All of the scale sizes look excellent and provide detailed reconstructions of some of Honda's most innovative motorcycle and ATV designs.