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Horror Face Paint and Stage Make Up

For both stage and fancy dress, there are plenty of horror face paint and stage make up options to achieve a realistic look.

There is an array of fake blood products to turn you into the perfect vampire or zombie and create gory, realistic wounds. High volume options are available for spreading and pouring, including ready made pints of liquid or powder sachets for mixing. There are also sprays with pump action atomisers for splatter and dripping effects.

Fake blood capsules can be carried and broken for instant impact. If you need a congealed, thick or dry blood effect there are gels available. Some products come with a stipple sponge to create realistic rashes and scratches. There are mint flavoured options for safe and pleasant use in and around the mouth.

Whether you want to transform into a zombie, werewolf or Freddy Kruger you can choose from a range of masks with glue and instructions included. Most are made from latex and are comfortable and easy to wear, as well as being flexible and tear resistant. There are also warts and scars, open wounds and broken bones available for sticking onto your skin.

A range of skin compatible yet high yield spirit gums are on offer to help you stick prosthetics to your skin with brush on versions for easy application.

For building realistic gashes and scars from scratch there is the choice of moulding wax, liquid latex and rigid collodion, both of which are professional fancy dress formulas.

You can create monstrous mutations and wounds that make you wince with skin safe waxes in realistic flesh tints. Most have a spatula for moulding to your skin and some come with blending lubricants and removal ointments. Alternatively, you can use low ammonia, non-irritant liquid latex formulas that can be peeled off when finished.

For realistic scars and ageing effects there are rigid collodion clear liquid formulas, which can be painted onto the skin directly and removed by simply peeling off.

There is a wide array of face and body paints for creating wounds and scars, gruesome characters and the popular 'Day of the Dead' skeleton costumes . Most are easily washed off and are suitable for all skin types. If in doubt, a list of product ingredients is usually available. Sponges, brushes and moulding tools for application are often included.

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