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Control Your Horse With a Horse Bridle

Bridles are a vital part of tacking up your horse. They are used to turn, control, and communicate with your ride. eBay has a variety of horse bridles that come in different designs and colours to fit your tacking needs.

Are there maintenance requirements of a horse bridle?

Yes. If you ride your horse every day, you should take the bridle apart and clean it regularly. To remove grease and dirt, use a damp cloth to go over each part of your horse bridle. Clear the holes in the horse bridle with a toothpick. Use a chamois to dry the bridle, then oil it to keep the leather supple. If the bridle is made of synthetic nylon, wash it regularly to prevent the material from deteriorating.

Materials used to make bridles

Horse bridles come in different materials. Traditionally, a horse bridle is made of leather, but you can also find some that are made of leather-look styles and synthetic materials. Some bridles have metal wire inside the leather for more stability.

What should you consider when choosing a bridle?

When choosing a bridle for your horse, consider the shape and type of head it has. Chunky, cob-type horses have large, broadheads, which means they are suited to bridles that have wide straps and a noseband. Choose a delicate bridle with thin, detailed leather if you have an Arab or a show horse.

Different types of bridles

There is a wide range of synthetic and leather bridles for you to choose from. The options include:

  • In Hand hunter bridle: A bridle that allows you to show more of your horse's face and bone structure. In Hand hunter bridles are used for showing horses at judged exhibitions of ponies and horses. The design is simple and allows more detailed control during a horse show.
  • Bitless bridles: A horse bridle that controls your horse without using a bit. It removes pressure from a horse's mouth and replaces pressure on various parts of the horse's head.
  • Double bridle: A horse bridle with four reins and two bits. One bit is the bridoon, which is a modified snaffle bit with a smaller diameter and comes with small bit rings. You adjust it to sit behind and above the curb bit.
  • Sidepull bridle: A biteless horse bridle that guides your horse through pressure on its cheekpieces and nasal bone. Side pull nose pieces come in different designs. Some have nose pieces made of either one or two lengths of strong lariat rope.
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