Horse Hair

What You Need to Know About Horsehair

The long, coarse strands of horses’ manes and tails can be harvested and sold commercially. Horsehair is silky and supple but strong, which means that it’s durable and will hold its shape. Horsehair is also naturally resistant to mould and ultraviolet light. There are different types of horsehair products for sale on eBay.

What are some things made from horsehair?

Horse hair is used in a variety of objects, including upholstery stuffing, fabrics, millinery trim, and bows for musical instruments. Horse hair jewellery includes earrings, necklaces, and hair adornments. Horse hair bracelets are particularly popular with equine lovers who want to celebrate a beloved mount by wearing part of the animal’s mane or tail. A horsehair brush can work the snarls out of even the most tangled head of hair. Horse hair is also a popular material for fishing line.

What are horsehair paintbrushes used for?

Horse hair brushes are the tool of choice for many calligraphers because they are so absorbent. If you look at a single horse hair under a microscope, you’ll see that it’s flecked with what look like tiny scales. These scales increase the surface area of the hair so that it’s able to attract and hold liquids like ink. Because it’s held within the body of the hair, the ink is able to flow more evenly.

When looking for pre-owned horsehair products on eBay, keep in mind that the highest quality horsehair for calligraphy brushes is hair that’s harvested from the tail. Mane hair tends to be coarser and not quite as supple.

Why do string instrument bows use horsehair?

The tail hairs of horses are also used to make violin and cello bows. The horsehair used in bows cannot be bleached because bleaching damages the hair’s microscopic structure. Stallion hair is preferred because it tends to be straighter and thicker, and hairs with irregular structures can cause scratchy sounds. Since white hair is typically finer in texture than other horsehair colours, it’s the hair of choice for violin and viola bows. Bass and cello players prefer the more robust sound of bows made from darker horsehair.

Violin bows can be costly, so the luthiers who make them will only use the highest quality horsehair. Every luthier has a distinctive way of tying the knots of the hair together and securing them to the wood, so each bow is actually a piece of art.