Protect Your Horse's Back From Friction With Numnah

A horse numnah cushions the saddle and absorbs your horse's sweat. It also protects your horse's back from friction caused by the saddle rubbing on your horse's skin and hair. eBay offers a range of numnah sets in various colours and materials.

What materials are used to make numnahs?

Fleece is one of the most common materials used. Fleece pads can be wool or synthetic. Some numnahs are made of neoprene, which makes them waterproof and easy to clean. Pads made of neoprene reduce saddle slippage and provide good cushioning. Gel is sometimes used in numnahs to disburse impacts, while foam is used to distribute weight and absorb shock.

How to take care of your horse numnah

Proper care for a numnah helps it remain comfortable to your horse. Always ensure your numnah is clean and free of dirt, caked sweat, or debris before you put it on your horse. When your horse numnah needs cleaning, loosen matted areas using a brush and curry comb or vacuum. Lay the numnah the way it's intended to sit on your horse, then let it air-dry. Lastly, don't use soap as it will not easily come out and can irritate your horse's skin.

Why might you need a high wither saddlecloth?

Horses with high withers have slightly narrower backs when compared to horses with flat withers. High wither saddle cloths have semi-quarter horse bars, which makes them have a slightly narrower and more angled fit. This makes them fit horses that have high withers properly. They also allow room for movement at the withers and shoulders.

Different types of numnahs

There are different types of numnahs for sale on eBay. They include:

  • Half pads: Horse numnahs that cover a small part of the back of a horse under the saddle tree. These numnahs may have foam or gel centres for shock absorbency. You can use them alone or put them on top of thin shaped pads.
  • Shaped saddle pads: The shape of these numnahs mimics the shape of the saddle. Shaped saddle pads are available for dressage, all-purpose, and jumping saddles. They can be made of different materials.
  • Riser pads: Designed to even out the pressure, reduce shock, and balance the saddle. There are front risers as well as risers that will lift the back of your saddle.
  • Square saddle pads: Numnahs with a thin layer of foam on the inside to provide cushioning for your horse. Some square saddle pads come lined with fabrics designed to offer moisture-wicking properties.