Combine Fun and Function with a Hovercraft

A hovercraft is an air-cushioned vehicle, or ACV, that can travel over both land and water in a variety of conditions. You can find these affordably priced hovercrafts for sale in the UK on eBay.

Benefits of hovercrafts

These hovercrafts can be used in a variety of landscapes and weather conditions. These ACVs are better for the environment and especially for marine life, because they float on a cushion of air. This protects marine life and seagrasses below the water's surface from injury. It can also help you to catch more fish, since there is very little noise projected into the water.

Components of a hovercraft

There are four main components to make a hovercraft run. The platform is where the driver and passengers sit. The skirt is the large rubber piece on the bottom that fills with air and keeps the craft afloat. A fan system fills the skirt with air, and a propulsion system allows the vehicle to move forward. The propulsion system uses extra air from the fan system, or it can utilise its own fan system.

Features of these hovercrafts for sale

You can find both racing and cruising hovercrafts for sale on eBay. They are available in a variety of colours and designs. Most have a 37 bhp engine and about 40-litre fuel tanks. You can find models that seat as few as one person and as many as six people. You can find features like VHS marine radios, GPS speedo, and fuel gages. Some of these hovercrafts come with their own towing trailer, and others come with extra skirt segments to keep as spares. Along with custom-built models, you can also find models made by the following manufacturers:

  • Griffon Hoverwork
  • British Hovercraft Company
  • Vortex Hovercraft
  • Bill Baker Vehicles, Ltd.
Are these hovercrafts new or used?

You can find both brand-new and second-hand hovercrafts for sale in the UK. Most are in impeccable condition and have very little hours of use. Detailed item descriptions and pictures can alert you to the overall condition of the hovercraft.

Finding the right hovercraft

Finding the right hovercraft is simple when you shop on eBay. You can quickly and conveniently compare different hovercraft models from your laptop. This saves both the time and money it would take to physically shop. Consider factors like the age of the hovercraft, overall condition, and any repairs or upgrades that have been made to it when looking for the right craft for you.