Cool Your HP Pavilion G6 With a Fan

The HP Pavilion is a line of desktop and laptop computers intended for both home and office use. A fan cools the CPU and other components in this computer as they heat up from normal use. You can find a wide range of low-priced HP Pavilion G6 fan replacements on eBay.

Can HP Pavilion G6 fans cool other computer components?

Your HP Pavilion's CPU, power supply, and video card are a few of the main generators of heat. However, some other parts of your Pavilion G6 could benefit from a fan as well. If your HP Pavilion G6 fan is not working, you may wish to add a replacement fan to cool the following parts:

  • Hard drive - Your hard disk drive stores the data your computer needs and your important files.
  • North bridge - This component helps the CPU communicate with the computer's memory.
  • Memory - Memory acts as short-term storage for data.
Can you get new and used HP Pavilion G6 fans?

eBay offers a wide range of low-priced HP Pavilion laptop fan replacements for your perusal. You can find these fans in conditions such as:

  • New - A new item is unused and should feature its original packaging and tags. In most cases, a brand-new HP Pavilion G6 fan should not have any cosmetic wear on its surface. Some new items might not come in their original packages.
  • Used - A pre-owned fan replacement for your HP laptop might feature normal signs of use. However, it should still function as intended and include all the leads or hookups your computer needs to operate it.
What is a heat sink?

Some HP Pavilion G6 fans incorporate a heat sink as part of their design. Most heat sinks that work in conjunction with fans use active methods to absorb excess heat from your HP computer. The heat sink provides the fan with an area that can dissipate the excess heat it is trying to take from the laptop. Fans with these sinks can cool various computer components such as:

  • CPU - Your HP Pavilion G6 uses a processor to run its programs. This processor is the brain of your device and generates a lot of heat.
  • Video card - Your computer's video card works hard to render images and graphs for work or beautiful graphics for gaming. A fan with a heat sink can help it stay cool.
  • Power supply - Sending power from your mains to your HP computer generates heat as the energy moves.
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