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Huawei Mobile Phone Cases and Covers

Protecting your mobile phone combines practicality, functionality and a little of your own personal style. Huawei mobile phone cases and covers can be found at affordable prices in colours and styles to suit all tastes.

Items available in the range of Huawei mobile phone cases and covers

Phone cases and covers compatible with Huawei handsets are available in synthetic leather, silicone gel skins and hard cases. Huawei branded phone cases are exceptionally high quality as, whilst they're at the top end of the price spectrum, they are specifically designed to fit Huawei mobile phones.

Silicone gel Huawei skins offer basic yet durable protection for the body of you Huawei handset. These inexpensive generic skins can be found in a wide range of transparent shades, including black, grey, clear, pink, blue and lilac.

Silicone gel skins have a lightweight feel to them, fitting snugly to the slimline body of your Huawei handset and protecting it from marks, dust and scratches during everyday use.

Synthetic leather flip/wallet cases offer a double function for people on the go - protecting your phone from knocks and scratches and come with internal storage for up to 3 cards and a pocket for banknotes. These cases come with a spare stylus and have a comfortable lightweight feel.

Some Huawei wallet cases can also be used as a stand, making for easy scrolling or watching video playback without the hassle of having to hold your phone the whole time. Luxury synthetic leather wallet flip cases have an additional feature of a zipper purse for change and a PVC pocket to hold a photo.

These cases come in a variety of colours, including classic black, tan and white, or bright colours including red, blue, purple, pink and more. These popular cases are also available with various designs, including flags, flowers and glitzy jewelled patterns to bring a touch of bling to your phone.

Huawei branded cases can be found higher up the price spectrum than the generic, compatible covers and are particularly high quality items. A folio case for the Huawei P9 has a slim streamlined look to it and protects your phone from dust, scratches and everyday general damage. These flip cases are available in pale gold and classic grey.

Huawei flip cases for the NOVA Smart model are also available and offer a semi-transparent screen cover, allowing you to view interactions without the need of opening the case. The soft screen cover offers both protection and practicality, whilst the durable hard casing safeguards the body of your handset. Huawei flip covers for Nova models are available in grey, white and brown.

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