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Huawei Smartphones

Huawei is a Chinese Telecommunications company. It also has the distinction of being China's leading smartphone manufacturer. The company has been making mobile devices since 1997 and although the modern smartphone market is a crowded place, Huawei has chiselled out a strong reputation for design, build quality and key smartphone technologies.

Choosing a Huawei Phone

Huawei smartphones run on the Android mobile OS and there are models available to cover every need. The process of selecting which Huawei smartphone is best can be done on many levels including screen size, camera technology, storage, battery and so on.

High-end Huawei Mobiles

With phones such as the P10 and P10 Plus, Huawei has excelled at making phones for the higher end of the market. The latest Huawei P10 Pro, for example, includes the very latest edge to edge, top to bottom display technologies and advanced features as Neural Processing Units which will enable artificial intelligence powered Android apps. Incidentally, this phone also has 50 hours of battery life, another Huawei first.

Mid-range Handsets

Huawei offers a respectable selection of mid-range smartphones that have a wide appeal for their value for money. These include the likes of the P10 Lite, Nova and Nova Plus. Each mid-range phone packs in a surprising level of technology with large screens, large batteries, high storage and RAM and even dual rear cameras which are considered a flagship smartphone feature.

Budget Huawei Smartphones

More affordable Huawei smartphones offer great functionality for their price. For a start, from new the P8 Lite, Y5 and Y3 are obvious candidates and make very worthwhile smartphone companions. You can also browse through used smartphones. With Huawei's ascent to being one of the top worldwide smartphone manufacturers, there is a great selection of pre-owned and refurbished devices that offer excellent value for money.