Staying Stylishly Dry with Hunter Wellies: A British Tradition

Hunter's history goes all the way back to 1856 when the first pair was made. The iconic wellie brand has sustained an innovative approach to materials and design. Each Hunter's wellington boot is made from natural rubber, which offers plenty of longevity and slip resistance.

What Hunter Wellies can you expect to find in the range?

Women's Hunter wellies, men's, and kids' Hunter wellies include a variety of styles, there are ankle-length boots, traditional knee-length designs, trainers, high tops, and more. Every member of the family will find a pair of Hunter's wellies to suit their personal preferences. The collection includes:

  • Tall men's Hunter wellies, which are shaped like biker's boots.
  • Men's field lace-ups to support your ankles and give you a trendy, rustic aesthetic.
  • Half-rise biker boots.
  • Hunter wellies that look like short, studded biker boots.
  • Chelsea boots.
  • Children's trainers.
  • High top trainers.
Which design features make Hunter Wellies different from other brands?

Hunter wellies are loved for their practicality and water resistance. The brand's glossy wellingtons resist water without displaying the characteristic blooming typical of natural rubber. The boots have a unique adjustable calf to support unusual sizes. Their ability to fold into a suitcase makes them ideal for travelling, and they handle rain and snow equally well. Hunter's new styles are trendy and stylish enough to double as your everyday boots. Natural rubber is durable enough to manage daily walks and protects against the elements superbly. It gives you a soft surface to walk on, so your feet will tolerate long walks without aching.

Which size should you choose?

Hunter sizing is slightly larger than average to make room for thick winter socks. The original Hunter wellies size 5 has a 15-inch shaft with an adjustable opening range of between 15 and 20 inches. If you wear two or three pairs of socks at once, add one size to your boots.

How do you care for your Hunter Wellies?

Rubber requires regular conditioning. Out of season, store your boots in a dry, dark place away from salty air. Dry them off after use with the help of a mild soapy solution, using a toothbrush to clean around the zip. Rubber blooms from moisture, sometimes displaying white, powdery streaks. This is simply a sign that some insoluble particles have reached the surface of the rubber. It's not an indication of damage and is easily cured with regular buffing.

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