A Comprehensive Guide to Husqvarna Motorcycles and Scooters

Whether you would like to commute on a motorcycle or take one on holiday, an affordable Husqvarna motorcycle 125 or scooter will help you reach your destination in style. The motorcycles you can find on eBay come with electric starters or kick starters depending on the model. They are typically outfitted with sleek frames and thin tyres for an aerodynamic build.

Selecting the right Husqvarna motorcycles and scooters

When you're conducting a search for used Husqvarna motorcycles, there are several features that you will want to consider:

  • Engine size: The engine size of the Husqvarna 125 is set to 125cc with two-stroke technology, which allows for a lightweight build. On the other hand, the Husqvarna TR650 has an engine size of 652cc with a single cylinder. Heavier engine sizes make the bike heavier as well, which can add stability when on the road.
  • Model: Husqvarna has been making motorcycles since the early 20th century, which provides a significant amount of variety when searching for the right bike. Models like the TC250 and TE300I are typically updated on a yearly basis with a few new features.
  • Service and history: When you're looking to buy preowned Husqvarna motorcycles, check the product description to learn about the service and history of the bike in question. If recent repair work was done or the bike was upgraded with different parts, the product description could list these alterations.
How do the FC and TC models differ?

The FC and TC models are the primary series of off-road motocross bikes that are available from Husqvarna. Both the FC and TC series of bikes come with different variants like the TC125 variant and the FC350 variant. While these motocross bikes can have different feature-sets depending on the variant, the primary difference involves the use of a two-stroke engine or four-stroke engine. The difference between a two-stroke engine and four-stroke engine is how rapidly the combustion cycle process occurs. With a four-stroke engine, fuel is consumed only once every four strokes. These engines are typically heavier than their two-stroke counterparts. Because of the heavier design needed with a four-stroke engine, the engine you choose can affect how the motorcycle rides.

Primary types of Husqvarna motorcycles

Four basic types of Husqvarna motorcycles are available for purchase:

  • Enduro: These motorcycles come with deep suspension that makes them compatible with off-road and cross-country riding. The TE, TX, and FE series of Husqvarna motorcycles classify as Enduro.
  • Motocross: These bikes are designed for off-road riding, which is why they come with thick-tread tyres. The TC and FC models are motocross bikes.
  • Supermoto: The Husqvarna FS450 is meant for track riding. This bike comes with a thin frame and lightweight design for top speeds.
  • Street: These bikes are meant to be ridden on paved roads, which is why they come with light treads and small engines. The Vitpilen and Svartpilen models are street motorcycles.