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Ibanez Guitar Tremolos

Originating from Japan, Ibanez guitars are now sold worldwide. They are well-known among guitar players as being the first mass manufacturer of 7 string and 8 string guitars.

Some famous musicians who are known to use Ibanez instruments include Adam Clayton of U2 and Denny Laine from Wings, the group Paul McCartney founded after leaving the Beatles.

A tremolo is used to add a vibrato (vibrating) sound to the strings of the guitar. The Ibanez tremolo system works by having a tremolo arm on the body of the guitar, that the guitarist can wiggle around, in order to vibrate the strings over the guitar pickups and create a “wobbling” sound.

Ibanez Guitar Tremolo Parts

  • Ibanez tremolo bridge – to fasten to the neck of your guitar, the tremolo bridge allows the strings to sit on it in order to utilise the vibrato effect
  • Ibanez tremolo unit – the whole unit, including the bridge and the vibrating mechanism, that helps give the required sound to the guitar strings
  • Ibanez tremolo arm – famously used by guitarists such as Hank Marvin and Brian May, the tremolo arm is the obvious sign that you are adding vibrato to your playing, as you grasp it and shake it around as required
  • Ibanez gold tremolo unit – not just to look nice, using gold is one of the ways to keep your system working well and transferring just the right amount of vibrato to your strings

Ibanez tremolo parts – you can also buy individual elements and parts of the tremolo unit, for repairs and any modifications that you desire

Benefits of Ibanez Guitar Tremolo Parts

  • Style – these parts are all designed to fit perfectly with your Ibanez guitar.
  • Safety – purchasing original branded parts ensures there is no danger of choosing something that doesn’t work well with your Ibanez instrument
  • Musicality – the tremolo function allows you to alter the sound of your guitar and hold notes for longer, giving you more versatility with your play.
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