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Keep your Music Pumping with a Set of In Ear Headphones

Keen joggers, fitness enthusiasts, and those constantly on-the-go will know the value of a securely fitted set of headphones. Their small size makes them entirely practical for carrying around, they are ready to use when you need them. No matter your style preference or budget, eBay offers a broad range of discreet in ear options for all.

What additional features are available with in ear headphones?

Depending on your daily activities, there will be a number of things for you to consider before choosing your in ear headphones. Quite apart from their audio capabilities, other useful features might be:

  • Wireless connectivity - Rather than struggling with tangled cables, wireless options offer frustration-free audio. Some enhanced Bluetooth models can even offer up to 10 metres of connection range.
  • Waterproof/ sweat-proof - Don’t worry about getting caught in a downpour and exert yourself freely without worrying about moisture damage by opting for a sweat-proof model.
  • Microphone - Take calls and make yourself heard with ease with a built-in mic. If you combine this with enhanced Bluetooth functionality, you don’t have to be anywhere near your phone to keep in touch.
  • Biometric - Sport-specific in ear headphones can track performance data and your heart rate, then sync with a smart device to efficiently assess your workouts.
  • Noise cancelling technology – To ensure total immersion in your favourite track, choose in ear headphones that are designed to actively reduce background noise.
How do you make the in ear headphones fit properly?

The ear canal, like all body parts, is unique to the individual. To accommodate this, many in ear headphone models offer a range of detachable bud sizes to ensure a snug fit. Some styles also come with a cable or soft rubber band that wraps around each ear to keep the headphones in place while you are on the move.

What to look out for if buying used in ear headphones?

For the budget conscious buyer, used or second-hand headphones can be a good way to get better quality headphones on the cheap. Before you make your choice, however, you need to find out if they have been well looked after. Make a point of inspecting all photographs for possible damage – particularly to the cables – so that you can be sure of full functionality and that sound quality has not been compromised.

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