Everything You Need to Know About Buying Pre-1947 India Stamps

You enjoy collecting stamps or pieces of history from India, and low-cost India postage stamps could be a good addition to your collection. The India stamps from before 1947 feature denominations and designs that no longer appear in the nation's postage stamps and are some of the rare India postage stamps collector's items. On eBay, you can choose from different colours, designs, and values of cool Indian stamps.

Some features of old India postage stamps

The features of the cheap, old India stamps for mailing letters and parcels include:

  • Historical: These stamps offer a historical glimpse at India's mailing system and culture.
  • State designations: There are stamps specific to mailing post cards, parcels, or letters within a particular state.
  • Hand-cancelled: Some of the pre-1947 India stamps may have handwriting for cancellation purposes.
  • In an album: New or used India postage stamps may be housed in an album.
  • Hinged: Some of the old stamps of India may include the original hinges.
When to choose used old stamps of India

You may prefer used old stamps of India in order to fill a gap in your collection. If you like unusual India stamps, you may prefer pre-owned old ones that are difficult to find. You may want India postage stamps that show historical information or proof of delivery, which may only be available in used old stamps.

What are the styles of pre-1947 Indian stamps on eBay?

The available styles of pre-1947 Indian stamps include:

  • Error: These are rare stamps printed with an error.
  • Postage: These have been stamped by the Royal Mail Service or other postal authority. This category includes postage due markings.
  • Air mail: This style identifies letters or parcels that were sent to their destination by plane.
  • Postcard stationery: This is a stamp that is printed onto a postcard.
How do you choose the right Indian postage stamps?

When you're looking for interesting old India postage stamps, consider their:

  • Condition: New and used India postage stamps are available.
  • Colour: Choose colours such as red, green, or brown. You can also find stamps with multicolour designs.
  • Design: Select designs such as portraits, drawings, maps, or emblems.
  • Type: You can choose one India stamp, a sheet, booklet, or a whole Indian stamp collection.
  • Era: The options include, but are not limited to, Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI, and Elizabeth II.