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Indiana Jones TV, Movies and Video Games Action Figures

The Indiana Jones franchise has earned its place among film royalty. The success of the films has gone on to spawn a vast collection of Indiana Jones TV, movies and video games action figures which appeal to both children and film fans alike. They are based upon the popular franchise which centres on the all-action adventures of archaeologist Dr Henry 'Indiana' Jones.

An action hero

Indiana Jones action figures are available as single or multiple action figure collections and are popular as children's gifts and collectibles. They are available in various sizes including 2 and 3.75 inch models and are manufactured from high quality and durable PVC material. Many have fully poseable, moveable arms and legs and accessories.

Indiana Jones action figures were produced in four series or 'waves' which span the entire film franchise. A range of infamous heroes and villains are portrayed from these much loved films and many action figures include accessories to encourage immersive play. This means that children can embark on their own daring adventures with a fully articulated Indiana Jones action figure toy outfitted in his signature garb of a safari-style fedora hat, gun holster, messenger bag and whip, complete with whip cracking action.

Series one action figures include all the main players from the plotline of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Play the hero with an Indy action figure, complete with grail tablet to guide the good guys to the Holy Grail. Indy can join forces with Marion Ravenwood to further his quest to locate the Ark of the Covenant. This action figure includes a Staff of Ra headpiece accessory which unlocks the whereabouts of the elusive Ark.

Other action figures from series one include our protagonist's assassins from the Nazi underworld such as the fearsome Cairo Swordsman, complete with a terracotta warrior relic, Sallah with a terracotta horse relic and René Belloq in ceremonial robes and with a fertility idol relic.

Young fans can continue the 'good versus evil' battles using mini magical objects to help Indy with series two collections, which are based upon the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. These figures include Indy and Marion's son Henry 'Mutt' Williams together with the Eye of Horus relic.

Indy's adversaries are ever-present to try and stop him in his quest and action figures include Colonel Dovchenko, complete with Chalice of Kali and Irina Spalko, with a Crystal Skull of Akator relic.

Series three figures are based on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and introduce another member of Indy's family in the form of his father Dr Henry Jones. This action figure comes complete with the Holy Grail relic and can mock-battle alongside Indy with a Thuggee medallion relic to battle against the dark forces, namely the evil Colonel Vogel, which comes with an Axe of Leif Erikson relic.

Series four action figures, from Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone, include Indy complete with Easter Island Statue, Willie Scott with Philosopher's Stone relic and Mola Ram with Chinese Lion relic.

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