Keep your Home Comfortable with an Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

To check room temperature and the outside temperature in seconds, use an indoor outdoor thermometer. Wireless packages that are available through eBay include an external thermometer that transmits data to your main unit, and you can even use extra remote sensors in your garage and other areas to gauge the temperature in those locations.

What is the range of a wireless indoor outdoor thermometer?

Several indoor outdoor thermometers come with remote sensors that work inside a range of at least 100 feet or 30 metres, while some sensors transmit up to 200 feet. These thermometers do not interfere with each other, so multiple units can be used to monitor the temperature in a conference hall or lecture theatre. Those with a large display make it easy to check the temperature from a distance during business events. If you frequently check the temperature at night, several units with backlighting are available on eBay.

Are indoor outdoor thermometers weatherproof?

Indoor outdoor thermometers can be damaged by some weather conditions, so it is best to mount the outdoor transmitters near North-facing walls. They also last longer when placed in a well-shaded area such as under an eave. Each indoor outdoor thermometer may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions. The sensors are not completely waterproof. You cannot submerse them, and prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can damage them, while cold weather can damage the LCD display panel and drain your batteries. Place the thermometer and outdoor sensors away from direct sunlight, air conditioning vents, and other sources of extreme temperatures. Over time, they help to create a comfortable home by providing the following benefits:

  • Most indoor outdoor thermometers monitor temperature in both degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius.
  • Many indoor outdoor thermometers can detect from -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Several indoor outdoor thermometers let you check the daily minimum or maximum temperature with the touch of a button.
Can thermometers give alerts when the temperature drops?

Yes. Thermometers are often used to remotely monitor temperature at business places, and you can watch using your smartphone or tablet. The thermometer lets you keep tabs on the room where an elderly relative might be or check your refrigerator 24/7. Several thermometers can monitor these areas automatically and send an early warning message via text or email alerts if temperatures go beyond the minimum or maximum that you pre-set, and some sound an alarm when the temperature rises above or drops below a set range.