Protect Your Hands With Different Work Glove Options and Uses

Work gloves are a necessity for many tasks and they are available in a variety of different materials. Each work glove material provides its own benefits for users. You can find many types of work gloves on eBay.

What's a builder's glove?

A builder's glove offers protection and comfort to wearers. This type of work glove is made with a seamless nylon liner. The glove exterior is made of polyurethane and nitrite. The workwear provides a foam lining on the palm to protect against blisters and a protective coat on the exterior to provide some puncture and cut protection. One reason many workers choose this type of glove to wear at work is that it allows for excellent handling.

What benefits are associated with leather work gloves?

Leather work gloves are made for use during tough tasks. As a material, leather is protective against abrasions, punctures, and cuts, which makes the material a good choice for work glove wear. Leather gloves are often worn by workers in the following professions:

  • Construction
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Electric
  • Woodworking
Are latex gloves considered work gloves?

Yes, latex gloves are worn in a variety of professions. The thin gloves are cost-effective because they can be bought in bulk and most instances are disposable. The glove allows for excellent dexterity because hands aren't restricted by material. A latex layer also provides a thin layer of protection against most mild irritants. Some brands are powdered on the interior of the glove, which protects your skin. Latex gloves are worn in many professions including, but not limited to:

  • Painting
  • Food preparation
  • Medical fields
  • Chemical handlers
  • Hair dressers and nail technicians
What features should be considered when shopping for work gloves?

Not everyone who needs work gloves will need the same level of protection. Some workers wear gloves to help prevent blisters, and others wear the protective work wear to protect from cuts and punctures. To help workers narrow down the type of glove they need for their occupation or project, a variety of factors should be considered when shopping.

To begin narrowing down options, workers need to consider the factors associated with the job. Once these factors have been assessed, it's time to think about glove features and which gloves offer a combination of protection and comfort needed to complete the project. Workers should consider the following factors when buying gloves:

  • Insulated or non-insulated: Consider whether you need insulated gloves or not.
  • Knuckle and strap protection: Consider whether you need special protection for your knuckles.
  • Padding: Consider whether you need additional padding on your gloves.
  • Thumb patch: Consider whether you need your gloves to have an additional grip with a thumb patch.
  • Non-slip grip: If you'll be handling slippery substances or need a strong grip, you might need gloves with a non-slip grip.