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Infrared CCTV Cameras

Carry out round the clock surveillance with infrared CCTV cameras. They allow you to carry out surveillance in will lit areas, but they also illuminate areas of your property where there is no light. This gives you an all seeing eye regardless of the time of day or night, so you can make safety and security a priority at all times.

How they work

Infrared is a special kind of light that we cannot see due to the wavelength it operates on. The light bounces off objects and people measuring how much heat is being given off, allowing you to see when there is a threat to your property. These types of cameras work in all weather conditions and can travel through obstructions such as rain, fog and smoke.

When there's light the camera will record in colour so you can clearly see what's going on. This type of camera has a sensor so when light drops below a certain level, it switches to infrared mode. This allows you to still be able to see the outline of any intruders, as the camera will separate them from objects based on the heat they are giving off.

The distance this type of camera works across depends on the make and model, but some longer range CCTV cameras work up to 150 feet. These are perfect for a bigger property.


Many of these cameras are wireless enabled so you can watch the action from your mobile device anywhere, which is really handy if you're going away. They are easy to mount and come with all attachments needed to wall mount.

Build quality

Though they vary in size, many infrared cameras are slim and hardly noticeable, which is perfect if you need it to be inconspicuous like monitoring a babysitter or employees for example.

Outdoor models come in a weather protective casing to protect the camera from the elements. This may give the camera a glare if used indoors, so make sure you buy a camera specifically for indoors or outdoors use.

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