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Everything You Need to Know About Interior Car Seats for VW Golf

When your VW Golf is damaged, replacement seats can help you get the vehicle back up and running. Since VW has been making the Golf since 1974, you’ll need to choose the appropriate year and model in order to get the right fit. Follow this guide to assist you in making a selection of an affordably priced VW Golf interior seat that suits your needs and preferences on eBay.

What are some types of VW Golf seats for sale?

Most Golf seats are based on the car’s model and year. Some of the available options include:

  • Golf GTD - The GTD has been in production since 2009. As you’re looking at Golf GTD seats for sale, make sure they fit the number of doors on your car.
  • Mk6 - This model was introduced in 2008, so it requires newer seats. Some options are VW Golf Mk6 leather seats for sale; you can also find fabric options.
  • Mk4 - This fourth-generation Golf was an upgrade from previous models; as a result, VW Golf Mk4 seats come with newer upholstery than older Golf seats.
What accessories and parts are available for VW Golf seats?

When you go to install VW Golf seats, you may need accessories or individual to complete the process. Some of the options you can buy include:

  • Sliders - These are the pieces that allow the seat to move back and forth over the runners
  • Runner guide clips - These pieces clip onto the moving parts of the VW seat, allowing it to move along the runners without rocking or vibrating.
  • Belt connectors - These connectors link the different parts of the seatbelt assembly.
  • Backrest frames - This frame fits inside the back of the seat on a VW Golf. It’s made from rigid material and creates a solid surface for your upper body. The padding and upholstery sits on top of the frame.
  • Covers - Also called upholstery or trim, these covers form the upholstery in your VW Golf. They slide over the frame and seat padding; many are engineered with carefully placed openings, so it’s important to choose the right fit for your model and year.
Choosing seats for a VW Golf

When you’re replacing the seats in your Golf, it’s important to get the correct fit. After all, Golf GTD seats for sale might not be the right fit when you need.

  • Pick your Golf model: Choose from Golf 7 seats, Golf R seats, Mk4 Golf seats, Mk6 Golf seats, and more.
  • Match the specs: Find seats that match your vehicle specs, including the number of doors, engine size, and cabin size.
  • Select a material: Choose upholstery that matches your car’s interior. This is particularly true if you’re only replacing one seat; a leather seat is a better match than fabric for a Mk2 Golf GTI leather interior, for example.