Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Chargers and Sync Cables for the Apple iPad 2

The right charger and sync cable makes a big difference to the performance and battery life of your device. On eBay, you can find a variety of iPad chargers and sync cables for the Apple iPad 2. Choose from new or used iPad Chargers at a variety of price points and with different features when shopping on eBay.

What are the available types of iPad chargers on eBay?

The available types of iPad chargers include:

  • Car charger - This plugs into the USB port of your car in order to charge your iPad 2 or compatible device.
  • Wall charger - This plugs into your wall's outlet and uses a USB port in the unit to deliver a full charge to the iPad 2's battery.
  • Combination - These can be used in the wall or in a car for charging your iPad 2.
  • Sync/charge cable - The sync/charge cable combination uses a 30-pin cable and USB to charge the battery and sync data.
What is the difference between a charger and sync cable?

A charger is a cable that does not have pins. It is only designed to charge the battery of your iPad. If you want to sync the data on your iPad with other devices, you need a combination sync cable and charger. This unit connects with 30 pins. When you use the syncing cable and charger, any updates to your Apple devices or accounts will be made to your iPad, and the battery will be charged at the same time as the syncing.

What are the compatibility options for these iPad chargers?

It is important to choose the right iPad charger to work with your device. Over the years, the different versions of iPads have required different sizes and styles of chargers. The iPad chargers for Apple iPad 2 devices are also compatible with the first to third generations of iPod devices and the first to third generations of iPhone smartphones.

How do you choose an iPad charger for iPad 2s?

When shopping for an iPad charger for your Apple iPad 2, consider its:

  • Cord length - The cord length ranges from 3 to 12 feet.
  • Manufacturer - Choose from unbranded or original equipment manufacturer iPad chargers.
  • Power output - The output is 12 watts or 5.4 volts of power.
  • Condition - Used, manufacturer's refurbished, and new units are available.
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