Don't Despair if Your iPad Cracked After a Drop

Screens are often the first thing to break on electronics, especially smartphones and iPad tablets. The good news is that even with a cracked screen, your device will still be fully functional most of the time. What’s more, you can often find a good selection of broken iPads for sale on eBay. Whether or not you choose to have the screen repaired, you can save a bundle by buying a cracked iPad.

How much does it cost to get an iPad screen fixed?

Depending on the size and year of your iPad, it often costs between £200 and £600 to repair a cracked iPad screen in the UK. However, it is also possible to purchase an iPad screen replacement kit. Each iPad or iPad Pro model may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer site for details.

Can a cracked iPad screen be repaired?

Yes. If your iPad cracked after a fall, it is possible to repair it. You can even find someone who knows how to fix cracked iPad screens with toothpaste. This method may not work on all cracked screens as it depends on the severity of damage. Although toothpaste doesn't actually repair the glass, it can still be an effective way to make a cracked iPad screen less distracting and easier to use. This method can also be used for repairing iPad Pro screens.

Can an iPad with a broken screen still operate normally?

In many cases, an iPad with a cracked screen is still fully functional. The cracks can make the iPad more vulnerable to additional damage, such as water or subsequent falls. Even so, having a cracked iPad is still better than not having one at all.

What are some advantages to purchasing an iPad with a broken screen?

There are many advantages to buying a broken iPad, including many which might not be immediately obvious. Here are a few examples:

  • In many cases, an iPad with a cracked screen still functions perfectly.
  • A broken iPad will be significantly less expensive than other models.
  • Even if the broken iPad doesn't function, you can reuse parts for other projects.
  • A cracked screen could deter or protect your iPad from theft.
  • A cracked screen makes your iPad unique and easier to identify.
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