Streamline Your Technology with an iPad to USB Adapter

Whether you’re looking to backup your photos or attach an external keyboard, you’ll likely to need an iPad to USB adapter. Connecting devices through WiFi and Bluetooth can be complicated and drain your battery. With a simple adapter, you can simply plug it in and get to work. You can find a wide variety of iPad to USB adapter devices available on eBay.

Are iPad to USB adapters affordable?

There are adapters available to suit every budget. Many adapters are very affordable, often comparable to the cost of a regular charging cable. There are also models that come with additional features which may cost a little more, but they are still very affordable.

What other uses are there for an iPad USB adapter?

While it may feel like your iPad can already do everything, you can improve many functions by connecting another piece of hardware. Here are a few things that you can use your iPad to USB adaptor for:

  • Connect an external keyboard to your device to make typing a breeze.
  • Use different types of iPad chargers.
  • Connect your favourite game console and take gaming to the next level.
  • Hook up a DSLR camera and upload your photos to social platforms.
  • Plug in a memory stick or an external hard drive.
  • Connect your iPad to your TV and enjoy big-screen viewing.
Are there different types of iPad to USB adapters?

Yes. Depending on your needs, you may prefer a small device that doesn’t take up too much space, or you might need an adapter with a long cord. Photographers can consider using a Lightning to USB camera adapter. Technology professionals may want an adaptor that offers multiple ports, so they can connect a variety of different devices.

What type of USB adapter is needed for an iPad?

If you have an older device, you can use an adaptor to convert your 30-pin connector to USB. If you have a newer device, you'll need a Lighting to USB adapter. If you require a long reach cord, you can choose a Lightning to USB adapter cable. An iPad Pro USB adapter requires a Lightning cable to USB, while an iPad 2 USB adapter will need a 30-pin connector.

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