Why You Should Buy an i-Phone Charging Case

To save you from carrying around an extra power bank, an iPhone battery case acts as a charger for your iPhone as well as a protective covering. An on-off switch operates the power bank so that it is only charging your phone when you need it to, and LED lights indicate the status of the case. This product also has a USB port which allows it to charge your other electronics if needed. eBay has a range of styles and colours available.

How do you charge the charging case?

Using your normal charging cable, the iPhone battery case UK can be charged quickly and easily through the charging port at the bottom. Use a USB- compatible socket attachment or a standard USB port on your computer or power bank. It is possible to charge both your phone and the charging case at the same time, and you can also charge any other electronic device through the integrated USB port.

What phone models are compatible with the charging case?

Charging cases are compatible with phones from iPhone 6 up to iPhone 8. You can select your model when you checkout to ensure the case fits your phone, but it will work with:

  • iPhone 6.
  • iPhone 6S.
  • iPhone 6S Plus.
  • iPhone 7.
  • iPhone 7 Plus.
  • iPhone 8.
  • iPhone 8 Plus.
How long will the battery on the charging case last?

In standby, the battery case will last for approximately 200 hours. If you need to use it to charge your phone, it will provide you with up to 7 hours of music play or 7 hours of phone calls. The case will retain battery power until you need to use it, allowing you to use the battery on your phone first before using the power stored in your charging case if you need to. Simply press the button at the bottom of your charging case to switch charging on and LED lights will show you what is happening.

Is the charging case safe to use?

Yes. The iPhone charging cases have IC protection which protects it whilst charging, from overcharging, short circuits, and discharge. The charging case can be powered up safely and easily using the cable that came with your phone.