Maintain Your Device with an iPhone Metal Back Replacement

The back of an iPhone is bound to suffer wear and tear after a period of use, not to mention a bit of damage caused by falls. Replacing your iPhone casing allows you to maintain the functionality and sleek look of your device. You can easily find an iPhone metal back replacement for your iPhone on eBay .

Does the metal back housing accommodate full assembly?

Yes, it does. The rear cover of the iPhone houses various small parts, therefore, you must factor this in when choosing a replacement case. The back casing on an iPhone 4, as well as other models, are designed with a mute switch, SIM card tray, power, and volume buttons. This design makes it possible to replace the full assembly of an iPhone.

Can you use an iPhone 6 case on an iPhone 6S?

The iPhone 6 and 6s are very similar in size. Both devices measure 5.44"L x 2.64"W and include 4.7" displays, but the iPhone 6S is 0.2 mm thicker than the iPhone 6. See the manufacturer site for details. Even though it's slightly thicker, the 6S can fit into an iPhone 6 rear housing. The negligible difference in measurements makes it possible for the small parts of the iPhone 6S to align in an iPhone 6 case. The size and positioning of the back cameras and buttons are the same on both phones, which is another reason why the cases are interchangeable. However, check the iPhone 6 metal housing details to ensure it specifies model compatibility.

How do you find the right iPhone metal housing replacement?

With the variety of OEM iPhone metal back replacement options on the market, finding the appropriate one requires caution. Prioritise these tips during your search:

  • Look for an iPhone back cover that is specific to your certain model. The back housing must be able to align with every component in the device, including the lens ring and flash diffuser. Some cases are designed to fit same-generation devices.
  • Decide which colour you want for your rear housing. You can opt for the original colour of the device or get a new one to suit your style.
  • Check if your chosen iPhone 5 rear case comes with the logo. To retain the original aesthetic of the device, many manufacturers include an OEM logo on their iPhone replacement cases.