An iPod Bluetooth Transmitter for Your Listening Pleasure

Listening to music on an iPod is ideal for when you want to listen to your jams alone, but when you want to share your music with a crowd, an iPod Bluetooth transmitter can help you connect your iPod to speakers. Depending on the iPod model that you own, you may need an iPod Bluetooth adapter so that you can connect to your devices, especially if you have an older iPod that does not have Bluetooth functionality built into the device. Here is some information about choosing a Bluetooth transmitter for your iPod.

What brands manufacture iPod Bluetooth transmitters and adapters?

There are numerous brands that offer a Bluetooth transmitter for the iPod, including:

  • Kokkia
  • Sony
  • Trond
What devices require a Bluetooth adapter for iPod?

Older generations of most iPods do not have Bluetooth features. However, there are quite a few options when it comes to making these older devices compatible with newer docks and speaker options. If you have any of the following devices, you may need an adapter/transmitter combination:

  • iPod Classic Bluetooth transmitter
  • Bluetooth transmitter for iPod Shuffle
  • Bluetooth adapter for iPod Nano
How can you find an inexpensive iPod Bluetooth transmitter?

If you're looking for a product like this, eBay can provide a good resource because there are hundreds of new and pre-owned transmitters available. Search eBay to locate several different models of Bluetooth transmitters that fit the connectors that have been used in the iPod line of Apple products.

How do iPod nano Bluetooth adapters work?

Simply plug the 30-pin Bluetooth transmitter into your iPod. Typically, a Bluetooth transmitter for iPod classic is 160 GB. Some transmitters may have adaptor cords connected to the units as well so that they can have more connection options. Once a transmitter is connected, you will be able to pair it with any Bluetooth device. This includes:

  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bluetooth appliances
  • Bluetooth vehicles
Do transmitters work with any version of Bluetooth?

You can purchase different versions of Bluetooth, but you will want your transmitter and your Bluetooth speakers to have the same version so that they have good sound quality. It's important to understand that newer versions have a more seamless data transfer, so these versions may sound clearer. Additionally, newer versions of Bluetooth may have more range so that you'll be able to hear your music from more than 40 feet away.

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