Isopropyl Alcohol

Effective cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol

If youre looking for a stronger grade cleaning solution, Isopropyl Alcohol is an ideal option. It is a well-used lab chemical in environments where surfaces and settings have to be spotlessly clean, and is often utilised to prepare laboratory stations and clean electronic components. There is a large selection of Isopropyl Alcohol products available in different quantities such as smaller 1-litre and larger bottle 5-litre options. 

Versatile cleaning product

Isopropyl Alcohol is known for its extensive cleaning and de-greasing power and is used in a variety of sectors to prepare surfaces or remove tough grime. It is particularly useful for cleaning hard to remove adhesives, sealants and resins and is ideal for cleaning a surface before resealing. 

This style of cleaner is also popular if you are de-greasing small electronic components such as connectors and printed circuit boards. It is also safe to use on plastics and is ideal for cleaning printers and print heads. As it is also known as rubbing alcohol, you can also remove dirt, oxides and inks with ease from a variety of items. 

Use in medical environments

This versatile cleaning agent is often included in medical and laboratory supplies and can be utilised as a bacteria-killing agent. It is also suited to sanitise workstations and medical equipment. Its IPA content is also an essential factor, so if you want to use it for sanitising purposes, Isopropyl Alcohol with 70% IPA is the most useful. 

Although Isopropyl Alcohol is exceptionally effective at cleaning a range of things, before purchase be sure to note the precautions when using it. It is a potent chemical that is best utilised in industrial environments and in small amounts for domestic use. Be sure to read the label on Isopropyl Alcohol and any safety aspects required when using the product.