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Go Potty For J & G Meakin Pottery

Pottery made by J and G Meakin was made in England from the mid-1800s into the 1970s, and each phase of their production had its collectors and enthusiasts. When you're looking to build a collection of Meakin pottery, eBay offers you a wide range of job lots and single items to help you complete your set.

What types of J & G Meakin pottery are available?

J and G Meakin Pottery was founded in Hanley, one of the "potteries" towns that make up the English city of Stoke on Trent, in the county of Staffordshire. In the nineteenth century, the company mostly made mass-market Ironstone pottery that was exported to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Later pottery made from the 1940s up to the 1970s, concentrated on decorative designs with many of these being reproduced. Tea and coffee services from the mid-century period have become particularly collectable.

The difference between J & G Meakin, Alfred Meakin, and the Johnson Brothers

J and G Meakin had close family and company connections to other potteries firms including Johnson Brothers, and Alfred Meakin Ltd. This can explain why many of the patterns marked with the names of all these firms can often be similar, if not almost identical. In 1968, J & G Meakin took over the firm Midwinter Pottery, whose wares have also become sought after by collectors of retro and vintage pottery. J & G Meakin pottery was taken over by the Wedgwood Group in 1970, and in 2000 they stopped producing pottery under the Meakin name and their Eagle works were demolished in 2005.

How do you identify J&G Meakin pottery items by date?

Early pieces of pottery from Meakin pottery should be marked with Meakin Ironstone marks. Pieces up to around the year 1890 will have a variation of these Meakin Ironstone marks. After that date, the word England and sometimes a Royal Coat of Arms was added to the marks, usually on the base of the item. Around 1912, a logo showing a sun face or Sol and the words J&G Meakin England can be found on pieces of pottery made by J and G Meakin in Hanley.

J & G Meakin china patterns from the 1950s onwards

Into the 1950s, Meakin pottery started to produce Studio Ware. Often the name of the design is printed on the base of the piece. These include:

  • South Seas, with a palm tree logo.
  • Blue Nordic, accompanying the J&G Meakin, England mark.
  • Jade Ware. Another variation from 1954.
  • Sheraton White Ware, a style produced in the late 1960s.
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