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Power Your Sound with JBL Active Speakers

You can customise your sound system with a variety of JBL active speakers. These speakers are portable, so they can be easily moved from your studio or home to whatever location you need. You can find a wide selection of JBL’s speakers in eBay’s collection.

What are features of active and passive speakers?

There is a difference between active and passive speakers. Passive speakers need an external source of power. An active speaker does not need an amplifier because it has a built-in power source in the speaker cabinet. Line-level signals can be plugged from the mixer to the speaker. Some active speakers already have preamplifiers and mixers built into their enclosure. You can plug all your external components into the speakers without needing an additional mixer. Active speakers are easier to transport than a passive speaker. You only need to move one piece of equipment with an active speaker. They are generally known as an all-in-one speaker.

A passive speaker will need a separate mixer or amplifier. These types of speakers also need to be connected with cables. When you are choosing a passive speaker and amplifier, they should have compatible power ratings to ensure compatibility. Some passive speakers might also need a separate crossover as well. Passive speakers can be customised for your needs. You can add more options to your setup with these speakers.

What is a crossover?

A crossover is a component that splits your audio signal into different frequencies. It takes a single signal and splits it into two or three separate bands. These different signals are routed to different components or drivers. Some of these drivers can include subwoofers, woofers, or tweeters. If you have a woofer or tweeter, their signals need to be split. The subwoofer needs to get a low-frequency signal, while a tweeter will need to receive the higher range signals.

Can you power a passive speaker with an active speaker?

Active speakers send out a non-amplified signal from their output. A passive speaker needs to have an amplified signal as the power source. Active speakers also do not have the right output to connect a non-powered speaker. Their output jack is designed for line level components. The only way to power a passive speaker is by connecting it with an amplifier.

What speakers are available from JBL?

JBL produces a wide selection of speakers for home or professional use. Each model has its own specifications and requirements, so be sure to research each product to ensure that it’s compatible with your current system. Some of these models include:

  • EON 612
  • EON 615
  • JRX 100
  • JRX 112
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