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JBL Aquarium Filter Media and Accessories 

Aquariums should all have filters to ensure the best living environment for the fish housed within. 

JBL filter media refers to anything placed in the aquarium’s filter in order to change the quality of the water. 

Most filter media products are designed to remove impurities from the water. They can be biological or chemical in nature. 

These products help to create the optimum environment for you fish within their aquarium, removing substances that may be harmful to them or can lower the quality of the water.

Some of the impurities filter media can be used to eliminate include:

  • Copper
  • Dissolved proteins
  • Chlorine
  • Impurities from tap water
  • Nitrates
  • Phosphates

The difference between chemical and biological media

Chemical filter media binds the materials (impurities) and traps them within the media. Biological media contains nitrifying bacteria which break down nitrogenous pollutants in the water to make them less toxic.

There are a few different types of filter media:

Phosphate removers  - commonly used within aquariums and are designed to remove the levels of phosphate within the aquarium in order to reduce the volume of unwanted algae. Phosphate removers can be either chemical or biological in nature

Nitrate removers - like phosphate removers, nitrate removers are used to help eliminate unwanted algae build-up and can be biological or chemical. Nitrates are the main nutrients needed by algae, so neutralising higher-than-wanted levels can help to reduce algae build-up in your aquarium. These removers are suitable for freshwater tanks, but may be used in saltwater tanks when used alongside JBL active carbon filter products as after-filter

Activated carbon - filled with hundreds of microscopic pores which materials stick to. The fresher your carbon is the better it will work and when the pores are full the carbon must be replaced

Other types of filter media

There are many other forms of filter media available, including mechanical, biological and chemical products in forms such as pellets, cylinders, tubes, rings and microfibre wool.

Water clarity can be improved using microfibre filter floss products and pellets can be used to change the colour of the water to amber (reducing algae build-up).

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