JCB Mini Digger

Purchase a Mini Digger for Your Job Site

A JCB mini digger is an important piece of equipment to have on your job site. This versatile machine can dig, move, and lift materials around the construction area and you can find many different JCB models on eBay. Here are a few things you should know before making your selection.

What are JCB mini diggers used for?

A mini digger is used for more than digging. It is often used by those in the landscaping field. It can dig through hard rock and earth. This machine can extract the stumps of trees and shrubs. Some people use it to erect fences or plant trees. It can move heavy materials, such as hay and wood, around your worksite or property. These diggers can also remove gravel, sand, clay, and earth. They are used to dig out building foundations. If you need to make a trench for pipes or ducts, this machine can do that as well. Ponds and ditches are also carved out by this sturdy digger.

Is track tension important?

These mini excavators usually operate on a rubber track. The track bears all the weight of your digger. You want your machine to have the right amount of tension in the track area. A loose track can result in ratcheting, tunnel slap, and poor handling. If you have too much tension, you could experience drag, power loss, or bearing failure. Track tension is important for your machine. It keeps it running smoothly without any interruptions. All JCB mini diggers run on a rubber track. You can use these machines to operate on most terrains.

What JCB mini digger models are available?

JCB has a full range of machines available. You can find a digger designed for light landscaping work. It also has models constructed for heavy duty jobs. These mini digger models include the following:

  • 8008 Micro Excavator
  • 8025 ZTS Mini Excavator
  • 48Z-I Excavator
  • 65R-I Excavator
  • 90Z-I Excavator
What attachments are available for your JCB digger?

If you are looking to add accessories to your digger, there are many attachments available for this machine. These attachments include the following:

  • Extra large buckets: You can move more material with these extra-large buckets.
  • Rippers: These attachments help to rip through tough tree roots and hard soil.
  • Thumbs: You can sort and separate materials with the thumb attachment option.
  • Plate compactors: This attachment packs loose soil faster around your job site.
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