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Jabra Bluetooth Headsets for Mobile Phones and PDAs

Jabra as a brand focussed on sound solutions to improve the way everyone listens, from athletes to professionals. Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones and PDAs enable for handsfree listening, whether it be for music, personal phone calls, or conference calls. It is also beneficial for use when you're unable to use your mobile phone or PDA, such as when you're in your car, exercising, or multi-tasking. What's more is these will be compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phone and PDA devices .

Jabra Bluetooth headsets are particularly useful for professionals such as drivers, who are unable to use their hands during work. A Bluetooth is a useful tool and an increasingly important need for most people, for work related or other reasons.

Features of Jabra Bluetooth Headsets and PDAs

The cost effective Jabra BT2047 is an easy to use Bluetooth headset, which has a single button that allows you to turn the headset on and off, initiate pairing with other devices, and control your calls without touching your phone. It also allows you to connect to two devices, so you can switch between personal and business mobile phones .

The Jabra Storm is a comfortable, voice controlled headset that allows up to 9 hours of talk time. It also offers HD sound that limits background noise, making it easier to hear conversations from both ends, as well as providing a wind sock for the headset to completely silence all wind noise.

If you're requiring a compact headset, the Jabra Mini offers a simple design with many features. It has been designed for all day comfort, that offers voice recognition and notifications that notifies you when it needs charging. It also has the Power Nap feature where it turns itself off when disconnected from your device after an hour, therefore maintaining its battery life.


Jabra are headquartered in Denmark and have specialised in consumer electronics since 1983. They have a reputation for high quality consumer electronics and they have a range of accessories for mobile phones.

Jabra offers many products for business, sport and personal use. This includes speakers, that are made to offer quality sound whether it's for portable use, home use, or for a party. Jabra also offer car speakerphones that allow you to enjoy surround sound, the ability to play music, and take calls.

If you require cables or accessories to your headset, Jabra offer many options to ensure you get the best out of your Bluetooth headset.

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