A Buyer's Guide to Jack Daniel's Advertising Collectibles

For many whiskey lovers, it's hard to compare with the strong, smooth taste of Jack Daniel's, and for many old advertising collectors, Jack Daniel's offers decades of creative and innovative memorabilia to choose from. If you love Jack Daniel's, you'll find an almost endless array of advertising collectibles available on eBay to show your appreciation of the brand. Here is a brief but thorough guide to sorting through all the Jack Daniel's advertising collectibles on eBay to find the ones you want for your own.

What types of affordable Jack Daniel's advertising collectibles are available?

The common types of collectible Jack Daniel's advertising memorabilia include bottles, barrels, shot glasses, and printed ads. In addition, there are an array of rare Jack Daniel's advertising collectibles like hurricane lamps, golf balls, distillers thermometers, poker chip sets, model trains, and advent calendars. All are noted for bearing the trademark Jack Daniel's whiskey logo. Be aware that no Jack Daniel's advertising collectibles on eBay, including bottles and decanters, are sold containing any whiskey or other alcohol.

How to select collectible Jack Daniel's paraphernalia

You can find original Jack Daniel's collectibles for sale on eBay as well as reproductions. Be sure you know which one you are looking at before you buy it. When it comes to a Jack Daniel's collectible's value, original items are considered more valuable than reproductions of the same items in equivalent condition. Both of these types you may find for sale on eBay new or used. When selecting a used Jack Daniel's collectible, make sure the item is in acceptable condition.

Some noteworthy Jack Daniel's collectibles on eBay

On eBay, Jack Daniel's collectibles range from commonplace to rare and unique. You'll find an array of Jack Daniel's gun-themed collectibles, for one, including the Jack Daniel's gun bottle, which is a gun-shaped Jack Daniel's bottle, Jack Daniel's glass gun, and Jack Daniel's gun decanter. Other noteworthy Jack Daniel's collectibles for sale on eBay include:

  • 1895 Belle of Lincoln bottle of Jack Daniel's Soul Mash whiskey
  • Custom Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 glass table and chair set
  • Jack Daniel's 5-foot tall guitar store display
  • Half-gallon Lem Motlow Jack Daniel's crock jug bottle
  • Genuine leaded Jack Daniel's stained glass sign in metal frame
  • Centennial Jack Daniel's Backbar bottle (never filled)
  • Jack Daniel's football statue
  • Six-foot tall Jack Daniel's statue with barrel top
  • Handcrafted Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel wood bicycle