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Got one to sell?

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James Bond TV, Movie and Video Game Action Figures

Ian Fleming's iconic secret service agent, James Bond, has been played on the big screen by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and, most recently, Daniel Craig. 007 has featured in a range of captivating films along with TV programmes and video games. James Bond TV, movie and video game action figures are collectable items that capture Bond in his various incarnations, all in miniature form. Bond action figures are perfect for fans of the franchise and collectors of film merchandise in general.

Brands of Bond action figures

Various well known and trusted brands have created their own James Bond action figures over the years. Many of these figures are highly sought after by collectors. They can be found based on the different Bond films and actors who have played James. The figures are dressed in various outfits which Bond himself has been seen in, from smooth and sophisticated suits to outfits built for action and adventure.

There are also figures available which are based on characters other than James, both good and bad. These items are also very collectable and are a great complement to any James themed merchandise, which may already be owned.

Included Bond accessories

Some figures come with accessories included. These accessories are all items that would be of use to the characters and are often based on those used by them in the various film adaptations. They can include all manner of weapons and gadgets suited to the character and their role on screen.

Vintage Bond items

There are various vintage Bond action figures around and some are still sealed in their original packaging. Unopened James Bond figures are highly sought after as they are very collectable. Vintage items which are based on the earlier films in the franchise can be collected. These items provide a great historical record of 007 and film history as a whole.

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