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Dance Better and Longer in a Pair of Jazz Shoes

Jazz shoes refer to a type of dance shoes that facilitate your jazz dance practice or performance. If you think your jazz dancing skills are average, try dancing in these shoes and get introduced to the more confident and skilled dancer in you. Buy jazz shoes on eBay and ascertain your dancing skills only after you've tried dancing in them.

What material options are there with jazz shoes?

Good-quality jazz dance footwear is made from breathable, skin-friendly materials. The material determines how hard and long you can perform in the shoes. The following are some of your top material choices:

  • Leather: Durable leather is ideal. It's long-lasting, breathable, and offers the "glove" fit.
  • Canvas: If you're looking for something inexpensive, canvas shoes would fit the bill. Canvas is breathable, helping your feet stay cool.
  • Mesh panels: Look for jazz shoes with breathable mesh panels that ventilate your foot throughout intense dancing sessions.
How well should a pair of jazz shoes fit?

For optimal comfort, it's important the jazz shoes you wear fit you right. When buying a pair, check whether the material stretches. Canvas material, for example, doesn't stretch. Canvas shoes would fit the same throughout their use. Leather, on the other hand, does stretch. This means you should pick a snug-fitting leather pair, as the material would stretch and loosen a bit with use. Elastic gore or the stretch panels that constitute your shoes' sides and stretch as per your foot's directions are an option too.

How important are the soles of a pair of jazz shoes?

Most jazz shoes' soles are made of rubber, making the soles durable and sturdy. These rubber soles are comfortable for spinning, jumping, and pirouetting. If you're just starting out, stick to a small heel or even a flat sole. The traction in the shoes with such soles would be evenly distributed. Professional jazz dancers may consider split-sole variants that provide increased flexibility. A split-sole shoe would have rear and front panels, but no middle sole. The two panels give necessary grip and stability on the floor. Not to mention, split soles help more with those high kicks and spins.

Do jazz shoes have any business looking good?

While comfort and fitting should be the top two features to consider in jazz shoes, it doesn't mean you need to pick something that looks bad. There are different jazz shoe colours and designs. You've got low- and high-rise shoes to support your ankles. There are shoes with straps or buckles too. As far as colours go, tan and black are extremely common.

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