Craft Jewellery Cabochons

From colourful gemstones (including diamonds and amber) to rhinestones, craft jewellery cabochons are the perfect embellishments to add to your jewellery making collection. Add a touch of personal style to old jewellery or create a brand new piece yourself. 

Cabochon gemstones

Cabochons are pure coloured gems that are cut with a highly polished rounded top with no facets. Cabochons are as close to the natural material as you will find in a gemstone. 

Available in various beautiful colors and shapes, cabochons can be used to make necklace pendants, bracelets, brooches and can even be used for decorating home ornaments. Perfect for any jewellery making business or if you just want some fun at home during the holidays. You can spend endless hours enjoying creating your gorgeous pieces that will last you a lifetime. 

Create an elegant bracelet with a cabochon stone to complement your extensive jewellery collection. 

Types of cabochon jewellery

Cabochons comes in a wide variety of materials such as gemstone cabochons which can be used for bead embroidery and other types of craft projects too, like decorating trinket boxesor the front cover of a journal. 

You can add a unique focal point to your designs with the shell cabochons which come in a great selection of patterned designs, including floral.  

Glass cabochonsare great for really striking pieces of jewellery. When added on a coloured or graphic background the glass cabochon magnifies the area and enhances the colour and light of the object, making it seem bigger. 

You can find cabochons come in a wide selection of shapes from oval, round, square and rectangle. They are also available in huge range of sizes from 3mm to 50mm and you can also get them in assorted packs. Each stone is totally individual and is a lovely unique piece of jewellery.