Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting a KTM Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is one way to enjoy your commute, and KTM bikes are among the many options available for transportation. You can find a lot of information about the different models and features of KTM motorcycles for sale on eBay.

What models of KTM motorcycles are available?

Prior to searching for a motorcycle, such as a KTM 50 for sale, take time to learn the various models that are available in the KTM series. These include:

  • KTM Duke: These are standard motorcycles with an upright sitting position that are versatile and general-purpose.
  • KTM SX-F: This is a dirt bike with a robust engine designed for roads with a variety of obstacles.
  • KTM EXC: This is an off-road motocross bike with street legal features, such as mufflers and brake lights.
Recognising the difference between automatic and manual-shift transmission KTM scooters

As you check out KTM scooters for sale, consider the issue of its transmission system. These are categorised into two groups: automatic and manual-shift transmission. Here are the major differences between the two designs:

  • Gear shifting: The gears in the manual design are shifted manually through a selector. Meanwhile, a bike with automatic transmission has a computer that takes care of the gear-changing mechanism. Hence, it is said to be carried out automatically.
  • Clutch: Another key difference is the operation of the clutch. The clutch engages and disengages power to the rear wheel. In a manual motorcycle, the clutch is carried out by shifting the clutch lever. On the other hand, an automatic bike automates clutch operation.
How do you find the right KTM motorcycle?

If you've decided to get a motorcycle, such as a road legal KTM 85 or a racing KTM 85 for sale, then the next step is to consider the key factors that should guide you toward finding the right bike for you. These include:

  • Size: If you plan to carry a passenger or cargo, size becomes a very important factor. It is also necessary to get a bike that suits your height so that you may steer and control it easily.
  • Condition: Whether you want a new or used KTM motorcycle, its condition is always paramount. Ensure that all essential components are functioning properly, and find out about its background.
  • Engine capacity: Depending on the distance that you plan to travel on your bike, choose an engine capacity that will be suitable for your riding needs.